Brian O’Connell offers Expertise on Estate Trial in West Palm

Brian O'Connell, Estate Trial Lawyer of West Palm Beach

November 11, 2020

Estate transactions and guardianships are incredibly complex legal issues. Part of what makes these issues so complex and difficult to navigate is the relative rarity of how often people have to address these issues within their personal lives. While there are some legal concerns that you may face several times throughout the course of your life, many people don’t have to address issues with estate transactions more than a handful of times—only when someone close to you passes, which in the best of circumstances is rare.

Coping with the legalities of estate transactions and guardianship while coping with the loss of a loved one adds difficulty to the grieving process, so working with a knowledgeable lawyer who can navigate the process with ease is incredibly important.

Brian O’Connell offers estate trial expertise to residents of the West Palm Beach area, including Palm Beach, the Western Communities and the Boca and Delray area with reliable and pertinent legal counsel regarding Estate transactions. A local expert in real estate transactions and law proceedings, Brian O’Connell is regarded as a prime resource on guardianships and civil litigation, as well as with estate transactions. A member of O’Connell & Crispin Ackal, PLLC, his focus is primarily on estate planning and probate litigation.

As a trial lawyer, Brian O’Connell Estate Trial Lawyer West Palm Beach is accustomed to dealing with strong legal battles. His specialty is in working with wills, trusts and estates, providing a valuable service to those who are in need of guidance and support during a complex and emotionally draining time of life.

Brian O’Connell Estate Trial Lawyer Palm Beach is a board-certified specialist in wills, trusts and estates by The Florida Bar. His experience in law dates back decades, graduating from Florida State University in 1976 and then University of Florida College of Law directly following. He holds a Juris Doctor and Master of Laws degree from the University of Florida, and has been serving the South Florida community ever since.

Whether dealing with the intricacies of seeing a loved one pass on and having to navigate the estate transaction process or working within the corporate structure and addressing tax and liability issues within a transfer of power, having a legal expert by your side is absolutely essential to ensuring that you are making the best decision for financial health. For support with this process, reach out to Brian O’Connell Estate Trial Lawyer West Palm Beach with O’Connell & Crispin Ackal PLLC for a legal consultation.